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Last Updated on May 8, 2024

At LiveCasinoAwards, the team is an assembly of seasoned professionals with a diverse set of skills and a wealth of experience in the gambling sector. This squad isn’t just a group of players; it includes veterans with extensive backgrounds in iGaming. Their collective expertise spans from time served within the engine rooms of casino software companies to strategic positions within casino operations. This unique combination equips them with the ability to detect nuances and spot irregularities from far off, making their reviews and insights exceptionally reliable.

The team’s proficiency stems from a combined experience of over three decades among software providers and casino operators. With an insider’s perspective, they are adept at evaluating the underlying mechanisms of the casino experience. They have the capacity to hone in on potential issues efficiently, enabling them to concentrate on the most salient aspects rather than getting bogged down by surface-level anomalies.

Among them is a former iGaming regulator who uses his network to investigate any questionable practices. Another facet of their collective capability is the in-depth analysis of new casino games provided by their experts with a software development background. Together, they engage in robust discussions, each bringing their unique viewpoint to bear, thus enriching their comparisons and critiques. Their approach ensures that the content provided is grounded, informed, and clear-cut, rendering a trustworthy source for casino reviews.

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Who we are

LiveCasinoAwards.com is owned and operated by Alpha Revenue LLC, 2880W OAKLAND PARK BLVD, SUITE 225C, OAKLAND PARK, FL, 33311

Jake Sanford

Jake Sanford

Jake Sanford (Editor in Chief), a seasoned writer and passionate live casino player with a background in psychology, combines his passion for storytelling with a deep understanding of the digital gambling landscape. His work reflects a unique perspective on the intersection of narrative and the dynamic world of online live casinos.

Email: jake@livecasinoawards.com

Aidan Lee Chong

Aidan Lee Chong is our Head of Asia Pacific here at LiveCasinoAwards and founder of several successful iGaming websites across Asia. He was born in Kuching, Malaysia in September 1981. His career started at Genting Group. If you want to get in touch with him, you can do so in several ways.

Email: aidan@livecasinoawards.com – LinkedIn

Enrico Braunschweig

Is founder of Livecasinoawards.com, director of Alpha Revenue LLC and successfull as affiliate with several lead generation online businesses in the iGaming industry and beyond.

Email: enrico@livecasinoawards.com – LinkedIn

Comprehensive Trust Factors

In-Depth Testing Approach

Our team goes beyond surface-level appraisals, conducting thorough inspections of both the user-facing elements and the operations behind the scenes. This dual-focus evaluation checks aspects such as security measures, system robustness, and efficiency—ensuring a well-rounded analysis.

Impartial Analysis

We maintain objectivity by applying a consistent evaluation process that excludes personal favoritism. Despite personal affinities for certain venues, our assessments remain neutral, concentrating solely on meeting the expectations and preferences of Australian players.

Community and Expert Contributions

Our assessments are collaborative efforts, with insights drawn from both frequent casino visitors and experienced correspondents familiar with the venues. Public sentiment is gauged through forums and player feedback, adding depth to our reviews.

Industry Insight

Our team’s diverse background spanning the online gaming sector provides a wealth of expertise, guiding our focus towards elements that truly matter to players. We aim to present invaluable information without unnecessary filler or duplication in content.

Locally Informed Perspectives

As “global citizen” within the gaming scene, we resonate with local players, striving to assist in navigating the vast casino landscape and securing the most enticing offers. Additionally, we stay abreast of legislative shifts and emerging trends within the industry.

AspectContribution to Trust
In-Depth AnalysisSecurity, efficiency, and stability
ObjectivityStandardized, unbiased approach
Community FeedbackIncorporates real player experiences
Industry ExpertiseInformed by comprehensive industry knowledge
Local InsightsTailored to players and trends worldwide

Engagement in Live Casino Gaming

The critique provided by Livecasinoawards stands out due to their hands-on approach to examining online gaming platforms. The examination encompasses not just a superficial glance but an in-depth use of the services offered. Their analysts operate discreetly, akin to typical users, allowing for an authentic assessment of the user experience. Upon registration, the review team explores every aspect of the platforms discreetly:

This diligence ensures that Australians receive current and genuine insights into the best online live casinos. The commitment goes beyond a mere glance, aiming to deliver a thorough understanding of the evolving gaming landscape.

Integrity in Reviews and Affiliate Disclosure

The website maintains a robust and principled stance on the production of reviews. Every analysis conducted is an independent evaluation by well-informed experts based on the actual qualities observed at the time of review. There is a clear focus on the present performance of each casino, without bias from past achievements or future projections.

It should be noted, however, that the website operates as an affiliate. This means that when a visitor signs up to a casino through the website’s links, the site receives a modest commission. Every casino featured has undergone a thorough vetting procedure. This affiliate relationship exists universally across all casinos listed, ensuring an equal and transparent approach toward all recommendations.

Evaluation of Testing Procedures

Account Setup Process

The initial phase includes establishing a user profile with genuine credentials. This allows for an assessment of the sign-up procedure, verification of identity, and the overall time needed to create an account.

Depositing Funds

The process of adding monetary resources to the user account is scrutinized through multiple payment methods. The focus is on the simplicity of transactions, associated costs, and currency exchange fairness. Immediate fund recognition is favored, while delays lead to negative scoring.

Game Offerings Analysis

The diversity and quality of games on offer are tested, including slots, tables, and live dealers. Attention is given to the providers, variety, and the presence of progressive jackpots and unique games, with jackpot timings and conditions also monitored.

Bonus and Incentive Evaluation

Bonuses and promotional offers are thoroughly examined, with a deep read through the terms and conditions to ensure fairness and transparency. Any deceptive practices discovered during the test result in a negative endorsement.

Mobile User Experience Check

The mobile user experience is appraised on various devices and platforms. Both application performance and mobile browser functionality are assessed, with a high preference given to platforms that offer dedicated applications.

Withdrawal Process Inspection

The withdrawal process is tested across all available methods, with notes on transaction limits and processing times. The amount received is verified for accuracy, and any discrepancies are noted.

Support Service Review

Customer support effectiveness is gauged by testing availability and response across live chat, email, and phone, if available. The competency of support agents is tested through a series of general and technical queries. Additionally, self-help resources like FAQs are evaluated for comprehensiveness.

Safety and Confidentiality Verification

The security protocols, including SSL encryption and adherence to privacy policies, are rigorously verified. Licensing and audit certifications are reviewed, and the brand’s reputation is investigated for any unresolved issues or significant complaints.

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