Amusnet Games with Live Dealers

Last Updated on April 5, 2024

Amusnet, formerly known as EGT Interactive, is at the forefront of this innovation, gaining recognition for its sophisticated live dealer games that are crafted to create an immersive and interactive gaming environment. Utilizing the latest technology and high-end studios, the company provides a 24/7 live gaming experience that has become a pivotal aspect of modern online casinos.

Amusnet has expanded its portfolio to include live dealer games that encompass a mixture of traditional table games and unique variations that incorporate elements of game shows. The company’s live games are designed to foster a dynamic gaming environment, facilitated by professional live dealers and enriched with high-quality video streams. Beyond the live gaming experience, Amusnet ensures that security, fairness, mobile compatibility, customer support, and responsible gaming policies form the foundation of their offerings, catering to a broad audience of players and maintaining high industry standards.

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Key Takeaways

  • Amusnet provides immersive live dealer games, establishing a bridge between physical and online casinos.
  • Live dealer games by Amusnet feature professional dealers and are available around the clock.
  • The company prioritizes security, mobile accessibility, and responsible gaming in its live dealer platform.

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Overview of Amusnet Live Dealer Games

Amusnet Interactive has positioned itself as a notable developer in the live dealer game sphere. Their portfolio showcases a variety of games, tailored to provide a captivating live gaming experience that mirrors the energy of a land-based casino.

Live Dynamic Roulette 120x stands out, blending traditional roulette elements with an added game show feel. The game environment is designed to be interactive, featuring a sprawling screen for enhanced visuals. The live dealers, who double as game show hosts, are key to the lively atmosphere, engaging players directly.

Innovations in Technology: Amusnet Interactive leverages advanced technology to maintain high quality in their live dealer games. The company is committed to delivering an immersive and responsive gaming experience to its players.

Gaming Selection: Amusnet’s collection includes not only live dealer games but also extends to a plethora of other gaming options. They offer an array of slots and RNG table games, all fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for players on-the-go.

Accessibility and Engagement: The live dealer selection from Amusnet is crafted for wide accessibility and high engagement. Players enjoy the convenience of real-time interaction, making for a more personal and enthralling gameplay experience.

By consistently enhancing their live dealer offerings and utilizing partnerships, like their collaboration with Phenix for real-time solutions, Amusnet Interactive continues to solidify its reputation in the live casino domain.

Types of Live Dealer Games

Amusnet Interactive offers an array of live dealer games designed to replicate the environment and excitement of a traditional casino. Their portfolio ensures that players have access to a rich variety of table games staffed by professional live dealers.

Live Roulette

Amusnet Interactive’s Live Dynamic Roulette 120x presents a unique twist on the traditional roulette experience. It not only features the standard wheel and racetrack but also adds elements of a game show. This fusion creates a vibrant and interactive atmosphere, with live dealers that engage participants and a prominent display screen enhancing the studio’s visual appeal.

Live Baccarat

Their live dealer baccarat maintains the classic feel of one of the oldest casino games. Ensuring a seamless play, the live dealers guide players through each game with precision. The table’s live feed allows players to place bets in real-time, cultivating an authentic baccarat experience.

Features of Amusnet Live Dealer Platforms

Amusnet Interactive (EGT) provides a sophisticated platform for live dealer games, focusing on high-definition streaming and user-friendly interfaces. It also offers variety in gaming choices and the unique option for multi-game play.

HD Streaming

Amusnet’s live dealer games are streamed in high definition, ensuring that players have a crystal-clear view of all the action. The state-of-the-art studios from which these games are broadcasted employ advanced camera equipment to capture the nuances of each game, resulting in an immersive casino experience.

User Interface

The user interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing players easy access to all necessary game controls and options. Features such as live chat and in-game statistics are presented in a way that does not clutter the screen, maintaining a clean and organized layout.

Multi-Game Play

Players have the option to engage in multi-game play, which is the ability to participate in more than one live dealer game simultaneously. This feature caters to players who enjoy a dynamic gaming experience and wish to maximize their time on the platform.

Mobile Gaming Experience

Amusnet Interactive ensures its live dealer games are accessible and optimized for mobile users, providing a seamless gaming experience across various devices.


Amusnet Interactive’s live dealer games are developed with a mobile-first approach. They support a broad range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets running on:

  • iOS: Compatible with the most recent versions of iOS, ensuring a smooth performance on iPhones and iPads.
  • Android: Games are optimized for Android devices, accommodating various screen sizes and resolutions.

Mobile User Experience

The user experience for mobile players is intuitive and straightforward. Amusnet Interactive focuses on:

  • Navigation: Users can easily find and select games, with touch-friendly interfaces.
  • Gameplay: Live dealer games are scaled to fit small screens without compromising on the visual quality or interactive features.

Security and Fairness

When playing live dealer games by Amusnet, security and fairness are paramount. These two pillars are supported by stringent licensing and the use of sophisticated random number generation technology.

Amusnet Licensing and Regulation

Amusnet operates under a framework of strict regulatory oversight. The company holds licenses from various respected gaming authorities, which mandate rigorous operational standards to ensure player protection. These licensing bodies enforce specific security requirements and conduct regular audits of Amusnet’s live dealer games to maintain compliance with international gambling laws.

  • Issuing Bodies: European gambling commissions and international regulatory agencies
  • Standards for Compliance: Player data protection, financial transaction security, responsible gaming practices

Random Number Generation

Random Number Generators (RNGs) play a critical role in the fairness of Amusnet’s live dealer games. To ensure each game outcome is purely random and unbiased, Amusnet employs advanced RNG software subjected to frequent testing.

  • Software Integrity: Verified by independent testing laboratories
  • Testing Frequency: Regular intervals, with certification of results

By combining rigorous regulatory compliance with tested RNG systems, Amusnet ensures that all live dealer games are both secure and fair.

Responsible Gaming Policies

Amusnet, a B2B licensed gaming supplier, maintains strong commitments to Responsible Gaming within the iGaming industry. The company upholds principles that facilitate safe gaming environments for players, incorporating several strategies and tools with a clear focus on player protection. Adequate measures are put into place to ensure that Amusnet’s gaming products are not only fun and engaging but also uphold the highest standards of fairness and responsibility.

Key Aspects of Amusnet’s Responsible Gaming Policies include:

By integrating these responsible gaming policies, Amusnet exemplifies the balance between user engagement and ethical gaming practices, standing as a responsible entity within the iGaming landscape.

Conclusion on Visionary iGaming

Amusnet Interactive has solidified its position in the online gaming industry by consistently delivering high-quality live dealer games. Their offerings, such as Live Dynamic Roulette 120x and Live Speed Roulette, showcase their commitment to innovation by blending traditional roulette gameplay with modern, game show-like elements. This approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also caters to modern punters’ demands for engaging and dynamic content.

The partnership with Phenix Real-Time Solutions is a testament to Amusnet’s dedication to refining the live dealer game experience. Improved latency and real-time streaming contribute to a seamless and interactive gambling environment, mirroring the immediacy of brick-and-mortar casinos.

Highlights of Amusnet’s Live Dealer Games:

  • Live Dynamic Roulette 120x: Combining classic roulette with engaging visual elements.
  • Partnership with Phenix: Enhances game quality with real-time solutions.
  • Industry Presence: Visible impact through participation in events like SBC Barcelona.

With full mobile compatibility, Amusnet ensures that their live dealer games are accessible to players on various devices, making it convenient to enjoy a premium casino experience anytime, anywhere. Their active role in industry conventions such as SBC Barcelona indicates a commitment to continuous growth and adaptation in a rapidly evolving market.

Amusnet’s integration of data analytics and AI technology also suggests a forward-looking approach to online gambling. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, the company not only meets but anticipates the needs of the market, assuring their place as a leading provider in the live casino content sphere.

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