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Last Updated on May 23, 2024

Ezugi stands out as a prominent player in the online gaming industry, specializing in live dealer games. As part of the Evolution Group since 2018, the company serves as a business-to-business provider, offering its products to online and retail operators. Ezugi’s portfolio includes a diverse array of games, ranging from different variations of Roulette to innovative offerings like Video Blackjack and lottery-style games, tailored to the preferences of players from various regions.

The company’s approach combines the traditional charm of land-based casinos with the accessibility and innovation of online platforms. Through its multiple studios and partnerships with land-based casinos, Ezugi streams live casino content across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring an immersive gaming experience for users globally. The integration of native-speaking dealers and region-specific content demonstrates Ezugi’s commitment to providing a localized and smart gaming environment, which resonates with its international clientele.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ezugi delivers a diverse range of live dealer games to both online and retail operators.
  • The company enhances user experience through localization and cutting-edge streaming technology.
  • As a subsidiary of Evolution Group, Ezugi has reinforced its global market presence.

Ezugi Company Overview

Ezugi has established itself as a prominent B2B provider of live casino and live lottery gaming solutions since its inception in 2012. It is respected for localizing content for various global markets.

Founding and History

Ezugi was formed in 2012 with the goal of providing live dealer gaming experiences to both online and land-based casino operators. The company’s focus on technological innovation has positioned it as a notable player in live casino solutions.

Mission and Vision

Ezugi’s mission is to pioneer markets with live gaming solutions that engage players. They envision themselves as a leader that meets client needs with localized content and state-of-the-art technology.

Major Milestones

  • 2012: Ezugi is founded, marking its entry into the live casino gaming market.
  • Expansion: The company grows by adding more games to its portfolio and partnering with online operators, land-based casinos, and betting shops.
  • Innovation: Continuously upgrading technologies to enhance user personalization and experience.

Ezugi Live Dealer Games Explained

Ezugi revolutionizes online gaming by offering live dealer games that simulate a real casino experience. They focus on delivering high-quality, interactive gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

Live Dealer Games

Ezugi provides a variety of live dealer games, catering to different player preferences. Their games portfolio includes classic casino games such as BlackjackRoulette, and Baccarat, with the addition of popular poker variants and unique offerings like Side Bet City. Each game is streamed in real-time, providing an immersive and interactive environment.

  • Blackjack: Traditional gameplay with added features like side bets.
  • Roulette: Multiple versions, including the classic European and American.
  • Baccarat: Different versions with side betting options.
  • Poker Games: Texas Hold’em and other exciting variants.

Mobile Gaming Solutions

Ezugi ensures that their live dealer games are accessible on mobile devices. The user interface is optimized for small screens, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Players can enjoy their favorite live games from anywhere, without the quality being compromised.

  • Optimized for iOS and Android.
  • Touch-friendly interfaces.
  • High-quality video streaming on mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Ezugi Software Platform

Ezugi’s software platform is built to integrate smoothly with online casino operators. The platform supports:

  • Multi-platform accessibility: Games are playable on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Cross functionality: Compatible with online operators, land-based casinos, and betting shops.
  • Customizable features for operators, like in-game branding.

Technological Innovations

Ezugi stands at the forefront of interactive and immersive gaming technologies, engaging players through advanced systems and quality live gaming experiences.

Ezugi Streaming Technology

Ezugi employs high-definition streams to provide an authentic live gaming environment. These streams are equipped with multiple camera angles, enhancing the immersive nature of the player’s experience. They have integrated sophisticated software that ensures seamless broadcasting, minimizing latency and maintaining stream consistency.

Ezugi Game Features

The company is recognized for its interactive user interface, which includes a live chat feature, fostering a social atmosphere akin to a land-based casino. Ezugi’s game features also include:

  • Multiplayer interaction: Enhancing the social aspect of online gaming.
  • In-game statistics: Offering players comprehensive game history and patterns.
  • Mobile compatibility: Ensuring players can access games on various devices.

Security Systems

Security remains a paramount concern for Ezugi. Their robust security systems are designed to:

  • Ensure data protection: Through the utilization of encryption and privacy safeguards.
  • Maintain game integrity: Via regular audits and by adhering to licensing regulations.
  • Utilize fraud prevention measures: To protect both operators and players from potential threats.

The Ezugi Business Model

Ezugi operates primarily on a business-to-business (B2B) framework, offering innovative live casino and lottery solutions. It leverages advanced technologies and localized content to cater to the needs of operators across the globe.

B2B Services

Ezugi provides live casino gaming solutions to online casinos and retail betting shops. Its product range includes popular table games and is designed with the latest HTML5 technology, enhancing user interfaces to deliver a high-quality gaming experience for end-users.

Licensing and Regulation

It maintains a strong stance on compliance and regulation, securing necessary licenses to operate in various jurisdictions. Ezugi ensures its offerings adhere to international standards, committing to fair and responsible gaming practices.


Strategic partnerships are central to Ezugi’s business model. The company collaborates with both online and brick-and-mortar casino operators, expanding its reach through these alliances. Ezugi’s integration into the Evolution Group since 2018 has further solidified its position and offerings within the industry.

Challenges and Controversies

Ezugi, a live casino provider, operates under the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence of its parent company, Evolution Gaming. Since Ezugi is a significant player in the online gambling market, the firm faces a range of challenges and controversies typical of the industry.

Regulatory Compliance: Being under the strict oversight of the UKGC requires continuous adherence to regulatory standards. Non-compliance could result in penalties or licence revocation. Therefore, Ezugi must meticulously ensure their games meet regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions.

  • Security Accreditation: With the requirement for games, studio, and security accreditations, Ezugi must maintain high security standards to protect against data breaches and fraud, which is an ongoing industry-wide challenge.
  • Market Entry: Ezugi’s entry into new markets, such as the UK, necessitates overcoming legal and operational hurdles. They must align with the regional expertise and consumer preferences, which can be a complex process to navigate.

Consumer Trust: In an industry where trust is paramount, any controversy related to fairness or transparency can impact the reputation of the company.

Notable Controversies:

  • In the absence of concrete evidence of significant controversies or scandals involving Ezugi directly, it’s crucial to note that online gaming companies often face scrutiny regarding problem gambling, underage gambling, and ethical practices.

Ezugi must continuously work to balance the integration of technology and user experience with responsible gambling measures. They must also frequently engage in public dialogue to address concerns and foster stakeholder trust.

Conclusion on Ezugi Live Dealer Gaming

Ezugi has established itself as a notable provider in the live dealer gaming market since its inception in 2012. Its portfolio is recognized for quality and authenticity, often praised for bringing a professional and creative approach to the online gaming experience.

Key Aspects:

  • Professionalism: Ezugi is known for its professional live dealer offerings.
  • Innovation: The company is creative in game development, enhancing the live gaming experience.
  • Accessibility: Games are accessible 24/7, ensuring players worldwide can enjoy them without time restrictions.

Language Support:

  • Ezugi caters to a wide audience by offering games with dealers proficient in multiple languages, including but not limited to:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Hindi
    • Russian
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Turkish
    • Hungarian

Market Presence:

The company has a global presence with a focus on localizing content to suit the preferences and languages of various international markets. Although now under the ownership of Evolution Gaming, which acquired Ezugi in 2019, it continues to offer bespoke gaming experiences.

Game Offerings:

Ezugi’s selection, while not as broad as some competitors, includes unique games exclusive to its collection, showcasing the brand’s commitment to providing exclusive content to its customers.

In conclusion, Ezugi upholds a reputation for delivering high-quality live gaming solutions, with a strategic approach to customer and market needs, reflected in the diversity of its game offerings and the multiple languages supported by its dealers.

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