Bet365 Collaboration with Playtech Launches Super Mega Ultra

Jake Sanford Jake Sanford
April 18, 2024

The gaming industry has recently witnessed the introduction of the highly anticipated live game show entitled Super Mega Ultra. This game represents the collaborative achievement between Playtech and Bet365 and is now available to enthusiasts across various regions such as the UK, Mexico, and Ontario.

Super Mega Ultra differentiates itself by being a wheel-based game with a focus on providing an engaging and captivating gaming environment. The game emerges from the confluence of creativity between Bet365’s sought-after slot games and Playtech’s predilection for immersive live game show experiences.

Bet365 continues to lead in offering diverse and exciting gaming formats, and the inclusion of the innovative three-tier game strategy across dual spinning wheels is the latest milestone in their ongoing effort to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. Payout levels are categorized into three segments: super, mega, and ultra, each corresponding to increasing multiplier potentials — 300x, 500x, and 2,500x respectively. Players begin at the super level and can ascend to higher tiers upon achieving the “Level up” spin result.

super mega ultra

Further invigorating the game dynamics are two additional bonus rounds. These rounds, named 7s Heaven and Slot Spins, offer varied gameplay and enhance the player’s prospects for rewards.

In the words of a Bet365 spokesperson, the release of Super Mega Ultra marks a pivotal moment in their journey of providing top-notch gaming content. This addition to their live casino portfolio underscores their ongoing commitment to innovation in gaming experiences.

The collaborative venture with Playtech Live leverages mutual expertise to devise a game show that sets new benchmarks in the industry. Playtech Live’s involvement, particularly the insights of their Chief Product Innovation Officer, Kevin Kilminster, spotlights Bet365’s ambitions to continually tailor unique content to meet and elevate player expectations.

The synergy between Playtech and Bet365 is celebrated as a driving force behind this breakthrough in game design. Both entities share a vision of inventing forward-thinking, quality-driven gaming encounters that resonate with a global audience. The anticipation surrounding future collaborative projects between these industry frontrunners remains high.

Super Mega Ultra is emblematic of a real-time gaming evolution, fueling the appetite for advanced, interactive entertainment. As players worldwide engage with this trailblazing game format, the success of such innovations is likely to prompt further developments within the interactive gaming arena.

Jake Sanford
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