Playtech Hails Revenue and Earnings Rise in 2023: A Strong Financial Performance

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March 27, 2024

In the competitive landscape of the iGaming industry, Playtech has marked a commendable upswing in its financial trajectory over the past year. The company’s revenues surged by 6.6% to an impressive €1.71 billion, a testament to its dynamic B2B and B2C operations and strategic expansions, particularly within the robust U.S. market. Its CEO, Mor Weizer, attributes this success to strategic advancements and operational prowess within the group, reflecting a clear execution of the company’s growth-oriented plans.

The breakthrough performance of Playtech’s B2C sector, breaching the €1 billion revenue mark, signals a milestone achievement. The pivotal role of Snaitech, their front-running brand, particularly accentuates the growth potential within the online environment. Despite facing global challenges and geopolitical disturbances, the dedication and skill of Playtech’s global team have been instrumental in maintaining momentum and driving forward the company’s strategic mission.

Playtech business success

The Caliplay Conundrum

Amidst Playtech’s financial growth, the lingering legal friction with the Mexico-based Caliplay persists, challenging the buoyancy of their corporate relationship.

Timeline of Events:

  • October 2023: Caliplay initiated legal action seeking to dissolve the partnership with Playtech.
  • November 2023: Playtech responded by outlining measures to address and settle the disagreements, citing a breach of the initial 2014 strategic accord by Caliplay.

Disagreements Detailed:

  • Contractual Obligations: Playtech contends that Caliplay’s legal maneuvers in Mexican courts are a violation of their prior agreements.
  • Financial Disputes: Accusations include Caliplay’s non-payment since August 2023 for B2B licensing and additional services fees starting from July 2023.

Financial Implications:

  • Outstanding Amount: Playtech acknowledged an unreceived sum of €86.5 million but anticipates eventual full payment, incorporating this figure into its fiscal calculations for the year.

Despite these contentious issues, Playtech maintains a positive outlook on its relationship with Caliplay, expressing a desire to sustain open communication and seek a mutually agreeable resolution. With both parties headed toward an October trial date, the stakes are high, as they navigate through the complexities of legal and financial reconciliation to possibly frame a future course for their business dynamics.

Business-to-Business Sector Earnings Reach €684.1M

In 2023, financial outcomes for the business-to-business (B2B) division of a prominent technology company saw a substantial rise, indicating a robust fiscal performance. Key highlights include:

  • The B2B division’s earnings increased by 8.2% to total €684.1 million.
  • The American market was the driving force behind this growth, with an impressive 46.4% increase in revenue.
  • Caliplay in Mexico, Wplay in Colombia, and Galerabet in Brazil were pivotal in Latin America’s market performance.
  • Promising growth opportunities were identified in the United States, with multiple new operations launching across several states.
  • The company’s improved partnership with NorthStar in Canada began excellently, drawing attention to the potential within the North American region.

Record Revenue in Consumer-Directed Business

Playtech’s consumer-oriented sector experienced a substantial revenue surge to €1.04 billion, marking a 5.5% boost from the previous year.

  • Snaitech’s Performance: Central to this uptick was the performance of the Italian operator, Snaitech, which witnessed a 5.2% revenue boost to €9.47 billion, benefitting from both retail and online ventures.
    • The Snai brand continues to lead in the Italian market share.

In addition, although HappyBet experienced losses in 2023, these setbacks were partly due to costs associated with resolving legal disputes. Predictions for 2024 suggest a reduction in these losses.

  • Sun Bingo and Other Ventures: Progress was also noted in Playtech’s other B2C initiatives, including Sun Bingo, which attributed its growth to:
    • Enhanced marketing effectiveness
    • Greater player retention through better user experiences

Enhanced Net Earnings Reach €105.1m

Playtech, a prominent technology company, experienced a substantial increase in several cost areas. Distribution expenses before depreciation and amortisation saw a 6.5% rise, reaching €1.15 billion. Administrative fees held steady at €146.7 million, while costs relating to depreciation and amortisation escalated by 14.3% to €194.4 million.

Significant one-off expenses included a total of €89.8 million for the impairment of various assets:

  • Eyecon: €7.8 million
  • Quickspin: €9.6 million
  • Predominantly sports B2B: €72.2 million

Notwithstanding these expenses, Playtech’s financial performance was robust. Revenue enhancement led to a significant pre-tax profit escalation of 146.7%, arriving at €235.8 million. The subsequent tax charge of €130.7 million culminated in a striking net profit of €105.1 million, marking a rise of 158.9%.

Profit from discontinued operations contributed an extra €47.0 million, yet even excluding this benefit, the net profit uplift was considerable at 20.0%. Moreover, adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) improved by 7.1%, closing at €423.3 million for the fiscal year.

What to Look for in 2024

Playtech has commenced 2024 on firm footing, experiencing robust growth trends, particularly in its B2B operations within regulated markets, including regions like the Americas, as well as in the B2C sector.

  • B2B Growth Targets: They aim for an adjusted EBITDA between €200 million and €250 million in the medium term.
  • B2C Growth Goals: Objectives are set for an adjusted EBITDA ranging from €300 million to €350 million.

Playtech’s leadership expresses a high level of assurance in their strategic direction, underpinned by a continuous commitment to enhancing shareholder value through the year.

Market Analyst Insights

Expert Neil Shah from Edison Group has carefully assessed the financial outcomes. He recognizes the positive strides in strategic growth, yet points out the unresolved issue with Caliplay as a significant hurdle. There’s a collective anticipation for the October trial, which could impact Playtech’s financials depending on the resolution of the €86.5 million in contention.

Despite these challenges, Playtech’s financial health seems sturdy with a low leverage ratio of 0.7 times, thanks in part to its strong presence in the US market and fruitful alliances. When examining the company’s divisions, the Americas stand out with a notable 46% spike in revenue. Moreover, the business-to-consumer sector witnessed a steady 5% growth, propelled by reputable brands such as Snaitech.

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